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Heart & Life
Barry L. Callen & Don Thorsen, Editors

Paperback Edition: 978-1609470357

Retail: $26.00

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“Heart & Life is a refreshing and timely look at the subject of Christian holiness. The diversity of contributing writers, the insightful topics, and the skillfully presented challenge to holy living today combine to make this book an instant classic in the Wesleyan tradition.”

       Stan Toler, Church of the Nazarene



“I highly recommend this book. It provides timely and creative essays that will invigorate Holiness and Pentecostal Christianity and serve to illustrate a form of Christianity that transforms individuals, the faith community, and the world. The diversity of authors and subjects covered suggests the width and depth of Holiness and Pentecostal Christianity.”

       —William Kostlevy, Tabor College



“This book will be a useful contribution for pastors and lay leaders in congregations as they consider some of the main elements of what might constitute contemporary holiness theology. All chapters are well written and helpful. My hope for this book is that it will move forward the conversation and imagination of us all.”

       elaine a. heath, Perkins School of Theology


“Heart & Life is a masterfully woven series of insights that celebrate the practical applications of individual and corporate holiness while also addressing common stereotypes of the holiness movement. This would be a fantastic book for those seeking to understand the holiness tradition. More importantly, it challenges the reader to become like Christ.”

       john rittenhouse, Living Spring Christian Fellowship



About the Author:

callenBarry L. Callen, D.Rel. (Chicago Theological Seminary) and Ed.D. (Indiana University), is University Professor Emeritus of Christian Studies at Anderson University, where he also served as Dean of Anderson School of Theology and Vice-President for Academic Affairs. Callen serves as Editor of the Wesleyan Theological Journal, Aldersgate Press, and Anderson University Press, and is a winner of the Lifetime Achievement Award granted by the Wesleyan Theological Society. The original article in Chapter 17 by Barry L. Callen is titled “Daniel Sydney Warner: Joining Holiness and All Truth.” It appeared in the Wesleyan Theological Journal, vol. 30:1 (Spring 1995). Used by permission. Dr. Callen is co-editor of this present volume.

thorsenDon Thorsen, Ph.D. (Drew University), is Professor of Theology and Chair of the Graduate Department of Religion and Ethics in the Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology at Azusa Pacific University. He served as President of the Wesleyan Theological Society. The original article for Chapter 1 by Don Thorsen was entitled “Holiness Manifesto: An Ecumenical Document.” It appeared in the Wesleyan Theological Journal, vol. 42:2 (2007). Used by permission. The original article for Chapter 9 by Don Thorsen was entitled “Ecumenism, Spirituality, and Holiness: Wesley and the Variety of Christian Spiritualities.” It appeared in the Wesleyan Theological Journal, vol. 41:1 (2006). Used by permission. Dr. Thorsen is co-editor of this present volume.