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A Good Walk Home
Larry Walkemeyer

Paperback Edition: 978-1609470647

Retail: $21.50

Our Bulk Price: $10.75 



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Any life plan without a thoughtful approach to death is seriously flawed. Here is a valuable guide on how to live and die (transition) with victory.

       Steve Torres, CEO of CompCare Hospice



We all die physically. Most of us will walk with a friend or family member who is approaching that last moment of life. Rather than ignore, hide, or minimize the importance of the dying process, Walkemeyer helps us embrace this journey, reminding us of the thoughtful way that each of us may walk into God's final wholeness. A Good Walk Home is accessible, engaging, and gives relief to the inner anxiety about approaching death alone. It helps us, even in the face of death, celebrate the fullness of life!

       —Kevin W. Mannoia, Wesleyan Holiness Consortium



These pages explain how to die well. However, they also have inspired me to LIVE well. Walkemeyer frames this book around Jesus' invitation to "watch how I walk home." I was gripped by Jesus' confidence and gallant march down the home stretch, giving us a model of how we should travel that last mile with the same confidence.

       Damon Dunn, Professional football player and
international real estate developer



About the Author:

Dr. Larry Walkemeyer has spent decades sharing life-changing wisdom with thousands of people worldwide as a motivational speaker, pastor, and author. His passion and joy have been helping people live flourishing lives and finish life with excellence. He currently serves as Lead Pastor of Light & Life Christian Fellowship, a large, multi-ethnic church in Long Beach, CA.