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About Emeth Press

Since 2005, Emeth Press has been publishing academic books in theology, biblical studies, church history, philosophy and related disciplines at affordable prices.  Only original manuscripts and reprints that are scholarly, of excellent quality, and can be recommended by recognized professional experts in the relevant field of study are given serious consideration.   Our reprints do not look like reprints because Emeth Press uses state-of-the-art technology. For textbooks that are needed throughout the academic year by professors, authors, bookstores, and educational institutions, we will print as few as 25 copies per title.   For original manuscripts, unlike many academic publishers, we do not require authors to provide us with camera-ready copies because we have the latest and best in software technology for putting manuscripts into proper book format. For more information visit www.emethpress.com.

About Aldersgate Press

Aldersgate Press was formed in 2011 as the publications arm of the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium. It represents the coordinated effort of the various church groups that form the WHC and intends to fuel with fresh writing the growing interest in and influence of Christian holiness in the twenty-first century. Five people with differing gifts and denominational affiliations were named as the Publications Team to govern Press operations under the supervision of the WHC Board of Directors. They are: Barry Callen, George Barna, Marlene Chase, Kevin Mannoia, and Don Thorsen.  For more information visit www.aldersgatepress.com.